Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker

Inconsistency weakens

The portfolio of the undisputed leader in the category of instant products included a considerable amount of cake mixes. You can never have too much of a good thing, but … over time it became clear that the packaging variety of so many products was weakening the clarity of the brand. There were some inconsistencies in the color code and composition, and also the photos needed freshening. The category leader simply needed to strengthen its position against its competitors.

A redesign to strengthen…

In this situation the redesign aimed to create clear branding, which would raise the brand out of the multi-colored crowd of competitors. A solution was needed to draw a buyer’s wandering eyes to the shelves with Dr. Oetker’s cakes.

Delicious and clear

The layout of all packaging was redone from the ground up. Thanks to this, the brand logo and the new attractive cake images regained their rightful place. The consistent identification system also included the (very important for ready mix products) communication level of the packaging – terminology, benefits, iconography, and all text on the back and front panels. However, the new facing attracts attention mainly by the tempting photographs of the heroes – Bundt cakes, cheesecakes, apple pies, and other delicious cakes. Proper stylization of the cakes, their lighting and arrangement of the photo frame, along with garnish, creates the promise of 100% effect and sensual pleasure. The new consistent color code, clear easily read info-graphics, and finally the appetizing visuals make the packaging of Dr. Oetker cake mixes a guarantee of the product’s high quality and a reflection of a prestige brand.

Color code

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