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New and outstanding

Shortly after we refreshed the brand image and package design of their ground coffees, MK Café decided to extend their portfolio with whole bean variants. Two types of coffees coming from renowned roasting companies in Brazil and Guatemala required different visual communication from other products. Our client wanted to emphasise the origin of beans and their extraordinary qualities.

Clear message

Our task was to create a graphic design suited to the range of professional coffees recommended by baristas which could attract connoisseurs for whom freshly ground coffee is the basis of a unique beverage.

Wind of exoticism

In response to this task, we created visual designs focusing on the origin of the coffee and the qualities of its beans. The names Brazil and Guatemala are visualised with distinctive mountain landscapes suggesting the places where 100% Arabica beans are grown. Simple and modern icons with short descriptions emphasise that the plantations are located on South American hills. The additional expressive and well recognised branding of MK Café confirms that the consumer is dealing with a premium quality product.

Ground Brazilian

After we designed a new package for MK Café Brazilian whole bean coffee, we took care of its ground variant. By creating appropriate visual communication, we underlined the origin of the 100% Arabica coffee, which was significant for our client. We also kept the expressive and well recognised branding of MK Café.

  • Execution

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