Family similarities

Cholinki is one of several brands from the Cholinex family. The branding family shares a common and consistent packaging strategy: the same typography, similar compositions, a characteristic drawing of a head with an indicated location of effect. Individual brands are differentiated by color and additional specific usage information. However, even within such a strict framework, there is always potential for change and improvement. And so there came a time to improve Cholinki’s packaging.

New. Tasty. Herbal.

The main task was to modernize the packaging and to more strongly highlight the pleasing taste and herbal origin.

Additionally, it was necessary to create display materials consistent with the new branding strategy in order to present the new packages.

Catching up with modernity

Packaging design is getting shorter and shorter „expiration dates”. The new media drive information flow, and hence trends. Many strong competitors from time to time launch new solutions. Something which looked fresh and interesting 2 or 3 years ago starts to stand out less effectively on store shelves today. The typography, the presentation of packshots, image processing, and even the background design need freshening. Certainly it is worth it, however, as seen by the example of Cholinki. The packaging is cleaner, with clearly highlighted communication accents, and it more strongly impacts the senses. That is very important in the case of products for which the buyer tends to make their own decision.

Color code



  • Execution

  • Prince Polo XXL


    Prince Polo is the iconic brand on the Polish confectionery market.

    Milka. Dare to…


    A limited edition which announced a new brand strategy.



    Building a brand which benefits from the reputation of Cholinex while clearly expressing its own identity.

    3 flavors of Absolwent


    New variants of basic products extend companies’ portfolios