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A new direction

The need to upgrade a brand typically results from the conditions of the changing world around us. New fashions appear and pass, competitors launch new solutions, the shelf where our product was doing well suddenly looks completely different. In the case of Pudliszki, the main reason for change was the expansion of the target group of the segment of 20-30-year-olds, which is the object of intensive marketing activities of the competition. But there were some difficulties: existing customers, the so-called heavy users, absolutely did not want any changes.

Tuning the range of communication

Branding is the art of fine tuning the range of communication. The task, although difficult, sounded simple: refreshing the brand to make it attractive to younger customers, while also consolidating several product categories and highlighting the ease of preparation of appetizing dishes, based on semi-prepared food products of Pudliszki.

Unifying the branding

Recognizability of a product is mainly linked with the composition of the core elements and the dominant colors. When those constant elements are retained, the packages remain easily identifiable, even when significant changes are made in terms of aesthetics and communication. The new graphic design was tailored to the needs of customers, who need quick access to basic information. This facilitation is a result of consistent color coding and easy to read panels with descriptions. Of course – keeping in mind the principle that we buy with our eyes – the rational message was supported by an emotional one contained in mouthwatering photographs. However, the greatest strength of this project is the unified branding, which builds the shelves and creates a perfect orientation point for the customer who is lost in the shopping labyrinth.

Color code

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    Among children’s treats are rarely found carrots or peas. Nonetheless…



    Even within a strict framework, there is always potential for change and improvement.

    Farm Frites


    Farm Frites was a strong brand in the HoReCa segment, but unknown in the consumer segment.



    The Macao brand was in the background of the category of premium ice creams.