3 flavors of Absolwent


A strong sip…

New variants of basic products extend companies’ portfolios, build recognizable brand-block on shelves, and enhance brand awareness among consumers. In the alcohol industry such development requires penetration of new areas of the market because users of colored vodkas differ from those who drink pure ones. But when the competition is strong it’s worth fighting for even a small piece of cake.

Absolwent with taste

The growing market of colored alcohols in Poland tempted the owners of the Absolwent brand. Our task was to design a modern layout for a lemon variant of the well known and multiply awarded vodka.

Seductive strength of refreshment

We finished our creative work on Cytrynówka quickly so that the new product could appear on the market before the summer season. It’s all because the mix of pure Absolwent with lemon performed best as a soft drink served on ice. The layout of the label is modern, dynamic, and underlines the beverage’s natural aroma and taste. The graphical representation of fruits is eye-catching and attracts those who like iced drinks. The readable brand logo is a guarantee of quality and a promise of enjoyment.

New flavors of Absolwent

After the successful debut of Cytrynówka, the brand decided this year to start selling two more flavors – apple with mint, and grapefruit. We also worked on their layouts so that they could stand out from the competition and hit the consumer with a wave of natural refreshment. It’s clear that this trio will generate a lot of positive buzz during the coming summer days.

  • Execution

  • Choligrip


    Building a brand which benefits from the reputation of Cholinex while clearly expressing its own identity.

    Dr. Oetker


    One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.



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