Alpen Gold

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A brand with pleasure

A change in packaging is often a result of a change in a brand’s communication strategy. Alpen Gold made these modifications a while back, and so a natural need appeared for consistent communication on all possible levels. Packaging is one of the most important communication media, so it was necessary to find a way to express the basic values of the brand and to reach customers with key information at the moment of the purchasing decision. The new strategy focused on the pleasure and joy of eating, and the changes were so far-reaching that they included even the shape of the chocolate bar. Alpen Gold also introduced new flavors – dark chocolate with filling, combining nutritional benefits (micronutrients) with pleasure.

Highlighting uniqueness

The aim of the project was to create a line of packaging for filled dark chocolate bars and to highlight the product’s uniqueness.

It arouses interest in people who buy dark chocolate on a daily basis and encourages them to try something new.

Operating on the senses

The key concepts which guided the design process were the ideas of aspiration, chocolate, and deliciousness. The message had to clearly communicate that it is a premium chocolate with a high cocoa content, which offers previously unexperienced taste sensations resulting from the appetizing filling. The packaging highlights the most important features by means of a pack-shot of a chocolate morsel and grated chocolate and deliciously photographed cherries, raspberries, etc. The graphics operate on the senses, they encourage you to try new tastes, they are emotional and full of pleasure. It is a clear encouragement to enjoy a moment of happiness and to reach for something really special.

Color code

  • Execution

  • Pudliszki


    The Pudliszki brand needed changes. But loyal customers absolutely didn’t want changes.



    Mura is a leading brand on the Bulgarian chocolate market, from the Nestle portfolio.

    Dr. Oetker


    One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.



    Building a brand which benefits from the reputation of Cholinex while clearly expressing its own identity.