Unexpected treats

We all know well what children like. The list is long, colorful and … sweet. None of us would mention peas or carrots as children’s treats, so the idea to create a line of vegetables for youngsters may seem surprising. But fortune favors the brave, and Bonduelle, the undisputed leader on the Polish market, is certainly not afraid of challenges. And thus appeared the idea of a line of vegetables for children.

Intriguing vegetables

The new line needed a new brand – tailored to the needs of children and speaking their language. It was therefore necessary to create a subbrand, which would be an attractive form of a supposedly boring but healthy product. In other words, it was necessary to attract and interest children, and most importantly communicate clearly to parents that this is a product specifically designed for their children.

How to translate a brand

The project was firmly embedded in the Bonduelle identity, translating the main brand’s communication into the language of children. The characters which appear on the packaging are inspired by heroes of Bonduelle’s world, and the Polish name Bonduelki literally connotes children with its grammatical diminutive form. The colorful typography, childlike graphics, attractive games and drawings on the back of the label attract the eye and interest of both children and their parents. At the same time, the benefits are strongly communicated: no added sugar, super tiny peas, young carrots, etc. Thus the product stands out clearly on the shelf thanks to the childlike style, unusual for the category of canned vegetables.

  • Execution

  • Tartare


    The senses quickly get used to constant stimuli. Therefore, stimuli must be modified.



    Adaptation of a universal design with a Mediterranean theme for the local market.



    DecoMorreno brand is famous in Poland mainly for its dark cocoa.



    Krakuski is a brand boasting over 100-years of tradition.