Carbo Medicinalis


Carbon versus carbon

What’s the difference between carbon and carbon? Well, nothing except the brand name, which the buyer can consider during the purchasing decision. Of course, a brand makes a promise of quality and reliable effectiveness. A brand inspires trust, always important in the case of medical products. At some point, medical manufacturers of carbon also began to understand this and to compete in totally new areas. Carbo medicinalis, on the market for many years, had to change from a mere product into a brand.

Bringing out the essence of the brand

The project was to create a brand from scratch – creating a logo, identification system, color code, i.e. the brand design of Carbo medicinalis. The branding was supported by new communication materials, building a unified brand image.

A fern symbol

Carbon is certainly not something one ordinarily thinks of eagerly swallowing, even in a state of high need. Therefore, it was important to find a symbol which would have a less literal connection. The choice was made to use a fern, one of the oldest plants in the world, symbolizing naturalness and purity, and thus safety. Carbon also comes from plants, including ferns.
Warm yellow colors combined with green give this dark product a new friendly image. In place of possible barriers appeared confidence and a sense of security.

Color code

  • Execution

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