• branding with impact

  • clear brand architecture

  • appetizing dishes

  • clear communication about preparation methods

  • The brand’s great journey

    Farm Frites was a very strong brand in the HoReCa segment, but completely unknown in the consumer segment. Entering this new segment required the creation of a new brand with a new architecture, taking into account the new expanded product range. In the developed markets of the twenty-first century there are no simple situations, so also in this case we had to take into account difficulties such as the extremely strong competition. The new brand was to enter the consciousness of potential customers and communicate clearly its advantage over its rivals.

    Searching for a new face

    The task involved the creation of a new brand, which, thanks to its clarity and thoughtful positioning would be able to compete with the largest ones and increase its own market share at the others’ cost. Building the brand, it was necessary to consider several product lines and adapt its architecture to them.

    Natural and appetizing

    The project required work on several levels, which in the end achieved the desired result.

    The first of these was to build clear branding, supporting the brand concept, and so the main element became a farm, symbolizing the natural origin of the product. This was complemented by the color code, which consistently supports the construction of the desired image. In the second stage of the project we had to prepare a clear and communicative brand architecture. Navigation inside the lines was based on color codes, which, together with icons, show the preparation method. The third stage of the work, which was the most time consuming, was photographing the product. Here essential choices were made about the presentation of the ready to eat product and its viewing angle and lighting. For Farm Frites, good product photographs are one of the drivers of consumer choice. The packaging design stands out at the point of sale, builds the desired brand world, makes the choice easier, and through appetizing visualization encourages buying the product.

    Farm Frites

    Color code

    Farm Frites


    Farm Frites
    Farm Frites
    Farm Frites


    Farm Frites
    Farm Frites
    Farm Frites

  • Execution

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