A brand with a difference

Whenever you introduce a new product to the market, the question appears: does it offer something new for customers? We are looking for a distinguishing feature in the product itself or in the brand construction which fulfills the specific needs of the buyer. So when the Krüger company decided to launch new lozenges, used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory system, we needed to find such a feature. The chosen base was its natural composition and taste and effectiveness.

Building from scratch

The aim of the project was to create a new brand (logo, color coding), packaging design, and preparation of communication materials which would present the key features of the product and facilitate its launch into the sales network.

A new product must be noticeable and distinctive; it is placed on a shelf already full of strong competition. That’s why strong branding is so important, including a clear logo with impact and characteristic graphical elements and a single clear message. In the case of Inhalvit, this is primarily the naturalness of the ingredients: honey, mint and eucalyptus. This presentation differentiates itself from the mass of other products which usually present either ailments or simply the product’s efficacy. Of course, effectiveness is one of the key features for the success of pharmaceuticals, and Inhalvit’s packaging was accented in a very suggestive way.

Color code


  • Execution

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