How to inherit trust?

Ketoflexan branding is an example of a project where it was necessary to create a brand from the dietary supplement category, based on the trustworthiness and reputation of a product which is available only by prescription. This kind of project is always a challenge – direct associations are not possible, of course, because they might mislead customers. It was a good opportunity to test the branding effectiveness of the product to which we are referring (in this case, Ketonal). If it is based on a characteristic color, graphical motif, package form, i.e. branding elements which are clear even with the name covered, then it is much easier to evoke the desired associations in the customer’s mind.

A package with references

The project task included the logo and packaging design, referring in some way to the branding of the drug Ketonal and underlining the guarantee of quality and effectiveness ensured by the well-known brand.

Branding first

The base of Ketoflexan’s branding is a strong, simple division in the package, contrasting a white strip with the strong logo and a large orange panel showing the product’s properties. This color code is a reference to Ketonal, but at the same time it’s worth noting that warm colors have great communication value with medicines to ease arthritis pain. In addition to the color, some graphic elements were used which are easily
identified with Ketonal (silver stripes). However the most important thing is the branding – the packaging is distinctive and easy to read even from a distance, and its identification system extends far beyond the logo.

Color code


  • Execution

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