Lysi. Icelandic fish oil


Extracting the essence of the brand

Lysi fish oils, the only Icelandic fish oils on the Polish market, have all the necessary qualities to build a competitive edge: tradition, a connection with Iceland, a country of long-lived people, associations with the clean sea, and natural beauty. However, the packaging did not clearly communicate the key features of the brand. It was therefore necessary to highlight those elements which speak clearly about its benefits, both rational and emotional.

Necessary transformation

A packaging redesign was necessary. The layout was rebuilt with respect to communication, legibility, brand architecture, branding – in fact, everything had to be improved except the logo, which had to remain unchanged.

Immune to competition

The new packaging showed the brand’s clear link with the sea, by means of photography, as well as the stark images with maritime accents. The main message unifying the entire line is the Icelandic origin of the product – something unique to this brand, and thus important information to buyers. The entire sphere of information was organized and unified and complemented by color code. The new design builds trust based on tradition and the place of origin, an important value of the branding, and above all it differentiates this fish oil from its competitors. It accentuates the character strengths which provide important benefits to the customer.

Color code



  • Execution

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