Coming out of the background

The premium ice cream impulse purchase segment is strongly dominated by the Magnum brand. The Macao brand did not stand out in this category; it did not have its own distinct personality, and customers did not see it as an alternative to other products. So it lived the life of a background product which might be chosen or not, and could certainly be replaced by any other ice cream treat. It was therefore necessary to draw customers’ attention to it, to clearly communicate that it offers something different from the category leader, and that it is its own world, with an entirely different promise and system of values. In other words, to convince buyers that it is worthwhile to make a conscious choice between Macao and the other leading brand, and as a result to choose Macao.

We increase the value

This required rebranding the brand, to increase the value expected by the consumer.

Creating a new brand strategy and packaging lines, to gain a strong position among competitors.

The full delicious flavor

An analysis of the existing situation on the impulse ice cream market clearly showed that the Macao brand image did not have values which could be the starting point to build a new strategy. So the whole system of identification was changed, reinforcing the branding. Original appetizing close-up photography showing the full delicious flavor of the product became the distinguishing element. At the same time, elements building the premium impression were strengthened. All this was done so that customers would feel that they are buying something totally unique, a product in no way inferior to the category leader and which does need to imitate anything or anyone.

  • Execution

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    The Macao brand was in the background of the category of premium ice creams.