Leaving the Rx zone

Communication on the packaging of Rx drugs usually uses completely different means of expression than in the case of OTC drugs. They do not compete on a shelf with other products; they need to build trust and communicate the medicine’s professional character. They are not trying to attract attention, and impact is not as important as a readable explanation of basic medical information. But it sometimes happens that a drug changes from Rx to OTC, and then there is a legitimate need for rebranding.

Objective: rebranding

The rebranding should take into account the medicine’s past and the new requirements for OTC brands. A new brand strategy must be created, including a change of packaging and the development of a new logo.

Doctor without a white coat

The essence of the adopted strategy was to refer to the medical character of the product. Cutting off the roots could undermine confidence in the medicine among its existing users. An association was sought with the world of medicine, understood as the most developed and technologically advanced branch of science, while avoiding the natural distance and anxiety which a doctor can cause to some degree. When we visit a doctor who meets us in ordinary clothes, we feel more comfortable and at ease. Thus arose the concept of a „doctor without a white coat”. The medical color coding (greens) and metallic accents emphasize sterility and technology, and this is complemented by simple graphic shapes and an ascetic but friendly font. Warm colors together with a large green panel make this medical language friendly and more approachable for ordinary customers.

Color code


  • Execution

  • Choligrip


    Building a brand which benefits from the reputation of Cholinex while clearly expressing its own identity.

    Białowieski Zdrój


    The majority of mineral water products have mountain-themed branding. Can another way be found?

    Jiten Dar


    Jiten Dar was a well-known brand on the Bulgarian market, although its position was gradually weakening…



    When a drug changes from Rx to OTC, there is a legitimate need for rebranding.