Pyszny Duet


Act with precision

Raisio, a manufacturer of margarines and blends, the owner of the Masmix brand, decided to launch a new brand in the economical segment. Such an action always involves the risk of cannibalizing other products from one’s own portfolio, so it should be done with high precision and a carefully considered strategy. When done well, this can widen shelf presence and gain a new group of customers, increasing sales.

Attract new customers while keeping existing ones

The task involved the creation of a new brand, starting with the name, then strategy, and finally packaging design. Solutions which would attract new customers, without affecting the sales of other Raisio products.

Sentimental charm of the new brand

The starting point was, of course, the combination of two products, namely butter and margarine. This inspired the name Pyszny Duet (Delicious Duet), which on the one hand describes the product category, and on the other hand opens a whole range of graphical visualization concepts. Given this assumption and name, our search for graphic solutions focused on building the brand world around a style

referring to the historical porcelain style of blue nankeen, which adds culinary elegance to the design. Sentimental idyllic images, typical of this style, refer to tradition and evoke a chain of positive associations and adds palatability to the product. This is certainly a concept which differentiates the product from the rather monotonous shelf of margarines and blends. And while drawing attention, it simultaneously encourages the customer to try it.

Color code



International Markets

  • Execution

  • Dr. Oetker


    One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.



    Even within a strict framework, there is always potential for change and improvement.



    Launching a new product on the tight shelf of lozenges.



    When a drug changes from Rx to OTC, there is a legitimate need for rebranding.