A story about taste

In the category of blue cheese Valbon was positioned in the upper mainstream segment. Supported by intensive advertising campaigns, it quickly became one of the most recognizable brands. In 2008 the brand’s owner was implementing a new long-term communication strategy, which required major changes in the packaging. Changes which would create a new brand image at the point of sale – which is where most of the decisions about choosing a specific brand take place. And since the most important selection criterion for blue cheese is its taste, the package takes on the task of persuading us to buy it. It tells us about the taste, even though we are often not conscious of this.

Advantage: Pleasure

The main task was to redesign the packaging, highlighting the most important brand feature, which is also the main benefit for the buyer: the pleasure which Valbon cheese gives us.

Photographic temptation

The main change from the previous packaging was to replace the drawings with photographs. The appetizing sensuous photos give pleasure even before eating. The use of photographs opened the composition of the label as a whole, and so the logo and entire branding zone were modified. The design took on a friendly character, improving the logo communication and the key information, which were supported by a consistent and legible color code.

Color code


  • Execution

  • Cholinki


    Even within a strict framework, there is always potential for change and improvement.



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