Color code

From pharmacies to supermarkets

Viscoplast is the most recognized brand of adhesive bandages in Poland. It has held its position for years, which has of course required a number of measures to preserve its status. Originally the brand was distributed mainly in pharmacies, and the market need for continual enlargement of the line could not be addressed in the framework of the brand’s functional structure. New challenges appeared: changes in the law allowed entrance to modern distribution channels, and very important international competitors appeared on the market.

The task for the architects

The task included a redesign of the brand, including the logo and design of the packages, which were to begin appearing in a completely new environment: self-service shelves. With such a wide product line, it was necessary to create a system in which customers could easily orient themselves on their own. Therefore the redesign was linked with a need to develop a new, clear and functional brand architecture. Along with the new brand design, a line of communication materials was created to support sales in the new distribution channels.

Navigating adhesive bandages

Each of us has a natural need to systematize observed phenomena and assigning them to the appropriate categories according to simple criteria.

This helps us find our way even in completely new situations. The important thing was, therefore, to create a scheme for the communication system. The packaging was divided into four zones: subbrand (defining the essence of the product), product visualization, illustration of use, and a description of how it works. This scheme, complete with color coding, was adapted to all the bandage lines sold in pharmacies and in modern channels. Thus the buyer looks for the necessary information in the obvious places, and the color differentiation immediately draws one’s attention to the appropriate product category. The powerful new logo and color branding improved the product’s visibility and also built a shelf: a consistent and strong brand block. The dark blue with white is high contrast, but the most important reason for the use of these colors was their medical and sterile character and the confidence, which they inspire in the viewer. All these elements create a strong branding of the products – even without seeing the logo, there can be no doubt as to the correct identification of the brand. The result? Viscoplast, despite strong competition, maintained its leadership position and continues to be the most recognized brand in Poland.




  • Execution

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