PND Packaging Prepress Service

The colors look good!

We know how important it is that DTP projects go smoothly. We understand the great importance of a comprehensive approach to such projects. But most importantly, we have the necessary tools to make the final printed result match the intentions. In short, we have great control over colors. We know the importance of best practices and meticulous quality control.

The certainty of the effect

We are a specialized department of PND Futura which deals with pre-printing preparation and organizing the technical side of packaging portfolios. We have been improving in this field since 1991, working with local companies and international corporations.

We specialize in projects for the FMCG, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial sectors. Thanks to our skills, the whole process, from composition to preparation of proofs, is done within our agency. Thus we can ensure the security of data and the reliability of the color effects.

But most importantly, we have the necessary tools to make the final printed result match the intentions.
In short, we have great control over colors.

The certainty of the effect

Packaging artwork

- development of new art and modification of existing art
- conversion of art between various forms and formats
- development of art based on existing layout and identity book

Print preparation

- composition, language modifications, proof-reading
- verification and package net design
- adapting projects to different printing techniques (flexo, roto, offset)
- preparation of final files according to printer requirements

Proofs on the target media

- preparation of proofs on foil, foil paper, specialty papers
- verification of Ugra / FOGRA standards, guaranteeing predictable printing results
- full Pantone support and unlimited number of special colors

Cooperation with printer

- confirming conformance with the accepted proof

Maximum control over colors

PND Futura is one of the few branding agencies which has the specialized proofer EPSON STYLUS PRO WT to make digital color trials in the full CMYK and Pantone ranges:

- on paper
- on transparencies
- on foil paper

The Ugra / FOGRA Media Wedge color verification system guarantees the highest conformance of reproductions with proofs and is recognized by manufacturers all over the world.
With a Ugra / Fogra table the printer can make digital measurements,
allowing color reproduction of the project with almost 100% accuracy! The full consolidation of the specific implementation phases within the agency means total control and smooth passage through the crucial final step of project execution. Lower costs – shorter time – sure effects.

You can never have too many benefits.

Many projects – one point of contact

Consistent proven methodology, wide technical knowledge, and knowledge of the specifics of your project. Continual contact with an account manager coordinating all work done for our clients.

Database of files, package nets, and technical specifications

All necessary data are stored in our database and are available at any time for us and our clients (also online).

An experienced team working on modern hardware

A modern digital proofer (EPSON STYLUS PRO WT 7900), powerful Apple graphics stations, and many other essential devices – our extended team of specialists doesn’t need to use the services of outside companies, which affects project quality and time to completion.

Lower costs of print preparation, shorter time, sure effects

Best practices, improvement in information flow, reduction of the number of sub-contractors – all this affects the economics of prepress processes in your business.

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