Styczeń 2013
BoboVita’s nutritional products for children and babies have been well known for years and highly valued by successive generations of mothers. The brand, constantly growing with more and more new products, required revitalization to remain among the leading brands in its category in the changing market situation. Its packaging redesign was aimed to create a new brand image – friendly for children and helpful for their mothers: an innovative brand, trustworthy, caring for the highest quality standards of natural ingredients, and fulfilling all the diverse needs of little ones. The diversity of products also necessitated refreshing the brand architecture, which was losing focus.



Mura is a leading brand on the Bulgarian chocolate market, from the Nestle portfolio.



The Pudliszki brand needed changes. But loyal customers absolutely didn’t want changes.



The Macao brand was in the background of the category of premium ice creams.

Dr. Oetker


One clear system instead of multi-colored variety. Something to enhance the brand.