PND makes folk-style branding

Luty 2012
Until recently, the term „economical brand” caused an automatic association with rather spartan design from an aesthetic viewpoint and of course not the best quality, but this was offset by a lower price.

This aesthetic, or in fact the lack of it, is a more or less conscious decision which indicates a low price – something cheap cannot be sold in too visually attractive packaging. Therefore there were (and are) solutions in this segment which draw on the entrenched Polish style tradition of simplistic generic labels or just plain ugly packages, made for the lowest cost by whatever artists were available. Branding strategies for those brands were based simply on price and on the use of aggressive graphical methods, which were intended to distinguish the product on the shelf and make it easier to identify. The imagery for economical brands was certainly not carefully planned and executed.
Recently the situation has been changing. This is a natural effect of increasing competition and trends in consumer behavior. We are increasingly eager to intentionally save on certain products, while spending even more on expensive brands which are emotionally important for us. The purchase of economical brands is therefore a choice, not a necessity, and we do not want to feel bad about it. So we have higher and higher expectations about lower shelf products.

Economical, but with personality

Therefore, we treated the proposal to create an economical brand in the segment of processed fruits for HOOP Polska as a real challenge. How to create a brand with a strong personality and interesting packaging, while keeping it economical? We decided to refer to a clear archetype – a place which is clearly associated with simple, natural and inexpensive homemade specialties. Such a place is, of course, the farmers’ market, and from here we easily reach the concept of the brand „Jarmark Polski” (Polish Market Fair). The name carries with it the promise of a diversity of products and at the same time a guarantee of quality. The reference to the archetype for a brand which is not likely to be heavily promoted in the media and at point of sale lets the viewer automatically make appropriate associations even in the short and superficial contact with the message, which in this case is the packaging.

Ścibor Szpak – agencja PND Futura
Packaging Polska, Luty 2012

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